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If you want to pay off your mortgage, be free and save thousands of dollars in interest then there is a simple way for you to do it.

We know that any mortgage pay off technique is designed to make sure your money is going to the principle. It seems tough to pay off mortgage amortization schedules because the majority of your mortgage payments are going to pure interest. But, if you lower the principle early instead of over time, you're going to save tons of interest and pay off mortgage principle incredibly fast.

Honestly, you're going to have to pay off mortgage amortization at some point, so why not avoid all the interest while you do it?

But, when do you do it? And, how often should you pay off mortgage principle?

If you want to successfully pay off mortgage amortization schedules 2x as fast you'll need to pay the principle … each month. Just put a little extra down before your monthly mortgage payment.

You see, when you pay off mortgages it's like an investment. No, you will not be getting your money back directly, but it pays dividends in the future with interest savings and a mortgage free life.


You probably do not want to sacrifice your standard of living but you still want to pay off a mortgage as quickly as possible.

Here is a good way to do that. Calculate 3-4% of your current mortgage payment. Write a check for this exact amount. This usually does not put too much financial strain on people's lives yet it will reap decent results in interest savings and pay off mortgage principle very quickly when the payment interest calculations snowball and decrease (more on this in other reports.)

Basically, you're giving your lender an "annual raise" of 3%.

WORD OF CAUTION: you want to write 'for prepaid principle' on this check so that the bank does not apply it to your next mortgage payment. You will not pay off mortgages at all if this happens.

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